Ceahlau Mountains, Romania

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Romania, Ceahlau Mountains, near Durau Resort

Bed and BreakfastDochita 1 and Dochita 2 Chalets are located in Ceahlau village, Romania, 2 km far from Durau resort. Laying down at the foot of the Ceahlau Mountains, in an oasis of peace and greenery, the chalets have Schitul creek flows near them and covering with its murmur the wind rustling in branches. Ceahlau Mountain is unique in Romania – it has dedication day and has feast, but, above all, has many legends and stories. Dochita Chalets offer a spectacular view over Ceahlau Mountains.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau


The adventure in Ceahlau Mountains continues

Dochita Chalets, this is the place in Romania where you meet yourself, either you want it or not. Bed and Breakfast Dochita 1 and Dochita 2 Chalets essentially surprise you by the intimacy you get. Time flows smoothly, as it should flow. The eye gets used to the farness looking at Ceahlau Mountains – either asleep in the morning fog, or spoiled by the sunlight, or playing with chilly rain clouds at summer midday. Or bathed in the pure rays at the dawn or in the reddish ones at the sunset… Than, when the evening comes, your ears are greeted by the crickets song and the moon veils everything in a bigger mystery. Ceahlau Mountain is one of the most amazing places in Romania.


Romania, a place to come back

We have tourists who became our friends. They come back to Dochita 1 Chalet or Dochita 2 Chalet each year and, even more, they talk about the two Dochita chalets with their friends, who in the end they also become our friends. Pleasantly surprised, we’ve asked what makes them come back to Romania. The answer: Here, in Ceahlau Mountains, WE RECHARGE OUR BATTERIES. We love the serenity, beauty and grandeur of this place in Romania It’s like a return to innocence and enrich our beautiful memories stock. Than we go back to our normal life and better face the daily challenges.

And our friends come back to Dochita chalets each year…

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau


Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau

“Very nice and friendly chalet, if you looking for quite and peaceful vacation, that’s place to be!… Staying the Dochita 1 chalet was 2nd. They gave us good services and experience for 5 days. So I will stay this place again next year.…”

Ulrich, Bern, Swiss

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau



  • Courtyard, Orchard, Meadow
  • BBQ and Gazebo
  • Swing and Hammock
  • Landscaped terrace
  • 24/7 Reception
  • Our own farm
  • A creek near chalet
  • Children playground
  • Parking
  • Rustic comfort
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • TV in living room
  • Rooms with balcony
  • En-suite or shared bathroom
  • Central heating system
  • Balconies to Ceahlau mountain view

  • Monasteries nearby
  • Mountain trips
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Ski slope in Durau

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau

“Beautifully decorated ambience. It was a great pleasure to stay here at Dochita 2 chalet. The staff was very hospitable, helpful and cordial. Overall it was an excellent stay, with excellent staff. Keep the good work going!”

Jaromir, Prague, Czech Republic

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Romania Ceahlau
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Almost 5 stars from our guests!

Each evaluation help us to improve our services, logistics and other aspects that can not be foreseen in the multitude of tastes and habits of our visitors.

We will never be perfect, as there nothing is perfect. But this does not stop us to constantly strive for perfection, to offer our tourists an unique and memorable experience.


Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us

Bed and Breakfast in Ceahlau, Romania

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